Art Direction & Design︎

10 Breakthrough Technologies

03:Seymour Chwast
04:Leonard Greco
05:Armando Veve
07: Fred Tomaselli
09:Yoshi Sodeoka
10:Mathijs Labadie
12: Robert Beatty

Design system and art direction for MIT Technologies Review’s annual list of the ten technology advances that shape the way we work and live. I used the typefaces Ferry from the foundry Letters from Sweden and Lydia from the Colophon foundry to create a unique mixture of typography that helped the package stand out and tied each of the ten features together through the headline design. I also incorporated a color legend that reinforced the system while allowing each feature to use a striking color. The design for this package is a 2018 Society of Publication Designers medal finalist.

Print design
Art direction

Los Angeles, CA