Left: front graphic screen printed in white ink
Below: Back graphic screen printed in yellow ink.

Jam Bauhaus
crewneck 002 —
pigment dye:
royal blue. $100

Please read before purchasing: This sweatshirt is a pigment dyed garment and can fade or bleed
onto other articles of clothing, please wash the item separately for the first couple of washes. Also, it is
not recommended to use stain removers on pigment dyed garments, as it could remove or fade the color.
The graphics will fade slightly when washed, this is intentional.

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This conceptual diagram showing the structure of teaching at the Bauhaus was developed by Walter Gropius in 1922. The programme places ‘building’ [Bau] at the centre of all the activities. But a regular course in architecture was only introduced at the Bauhaus in 1927. Only the most talented students were admitted to the architecture course. At the start of their studies, they received a year of basic training in the so-called preliminary course, in which they were able to experiment with colour, shape and materials with no specific goals. Depending on their individual suitability, this was followed by practical work in the workshops and accompanying disciplines. The students entered the workshops as ‘apprentices’ and were to sit their ‘apprenticeship’ exams within a given time period.