CAFE JAM By Cafe Nyleta & Jam ︎

Cafe Nyleta & Jam
Cafe Nyleta and Jam came together to develop and offer you Cafe Jam. A capsule collection of two souvenir tshirts (6.5 oz 100% cotton) and a Fire King® (Milk Glass D-Handle Stackable) mug.

History of Fire King®

Vintage Fire King dinnerware and glassware products were first produced by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. based in Lancaster, Ohio. In 1942, in the hopes of cornering a fresh market for affordable and attractive cookware, Anchor Hocking Glass began producing their now-famous line of ovenproof, low-cost, low-expansion borosilicate glassware products. The company branded their new line of ‘classic-American’ glassware pieces as “Fire King,” thus solidified their name in the history books as a contender for the kitchenware demographic

Cafe Jam exists at the intersection of relaxation and excitement. ︎